Welcome to DIGITAL ANTHROPOLOGY, a website where I share my reflections on working with applied anthropology in the field of digital innovation.

The idea behind this site is that digital technology is more than “the web” and social media. There is a tremendous diversity of interfaces in the new digital landscape – from haptic to touch, robotic, augmented reality, brain-computer to name a few. I would like to see more anthropologists explore human interaction with new technologies in different ways.

On this site you can read about:

1) Physical computing. How do people physically interact with digital technology in a landscape that is rapidly evolving? What is physical interaction with digital devices and how does that change across cultures? From RFID to wearable tech or complex manufacturing systems, technology is expanding in very exciting ways, which poses challenges and opens new worlds.

2) The process of making technology (design, prototyping) and learning how to use technology.

3) Participatory and collaborative research methods. Anthropology has long been an individualistic undertaking, but user research methods in tech tend to be more collaborative. Co-design methods (of which I talk about here) embrace the action research approach, allowing researchers to solve problems and learn together with their “informants” in ways that are more empowering. User research methods are also constantly evolving, and I will try to provide a lens on that as well.

This space is not about how anthropologists can better use digital technologies in their research – but check out DIRT if you want to learn more about that.

Enjoy and get in touch!

DIGITAL ANTHROPOLOGY is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and was established in 2015 by Valeria Borsotti, an anthropologist interested in computing education research, interaction design and material culture.

You can read more about me at valeriaborsotti.com.